All You Need to Know About Broadband

How fast is your internet? Does your internet speed fulfill your internet plans?

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get the connection into my house?

What Speed Do I Need?

Most people go for the highest speeds when choosing an internet plan. Is this the best move? Certainly not.

Can I Still Use My Old Modem?

Many internet service providers in Canada will give you a free rental modem when you sign up. In some unique cases, you can use your old modem if it can work with their technology. For example:

How Much Are You Paying for Your Internet Connection

The demand for internet to the home in Canada continues to grow thanks to the many internet service providers in Canada offering various packages.

Why You Should Choose Fiber Internet

No other type of internet connection comes close to fiber internet.

Home Phone Services

Internet providers Toronto offer rich, business class phone services for residential users for $9.95 (GTA Telecom and Altima Telecom).

ADSL Internet

Are you a Toronto resident in need of ADSL internet? If yes, then we got you covered. With our fast and reliable ADSL internet, you can download and stream videos and music all day long.

Cable Internet

If you want reliable internet in Toronto, look no further than GTA Telecom’s Cable internet.

Unlimited Internet

Canadians are the most active online users in the world according to reports released by CIRA. They spend an average of 36.7 hours on the internet every month.