What Speed Do I Need?

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Most people go for the highest speeds when choosing an internet plan. Is this the best move? Certainly not.

Fact is, every internet user wants faster internet speeds. The fiber connection packages are the most expensive, but they offer internet speeds of over 100Mbps.

You can compare such users with someone who picks a yearly golf club membership at a premium rate but only goes golfing once and then decides to quit. So, why pay for something that you won’t use to the fullest?

You can get an internet connection to your home through DSL, Cable, ADSL, and Fiber.

Fiber is the Best

You should consider the speed that you need before you settle on a provider or a package. With this in mind, here’s what a fiber connection can do for you:

  • Download a four-minute audio song in under 0.03 seconds.
  • Send files to the internet at a faster rate than copying data to your hard drive.
  • Download data faster than saving the same to your hard drive.
  • Stream 5 1080p videos at the same time and still have enough speeds to do regular web browsing.
  • Download a High Definition movie of 14GB in less than 2 minutes.