What is Dry Loop?

A dry loop, also known as a Naked DSL is a phone that does not run an active telephone service. This type of line is devoid of a dial tone and its main function is delivering high-speed internet.

This line allows the user to dispense with the common phone service and use the broadband internet to get a Voice Over IP phone line (VoIP). A dry loop is required when:

You don’t have an active analog phone service.
You use VoIP phone service.
You use phone service that is provided by a cable carrier (such services make use of your cable lines instead of your phone lines to offer this service.

Dry loop and Wet loop have zero differences in terms of quality of service or speed. It’s just a way to bring the signal to your home.

This type of service is not available everywhere and you should contact your ISP to check whether it’s available in your area.