Top 10 ISPs in Toronto best internet service toronto

Settling on the best internet service provider is not easy especially when you are faced with so many options. In this article, we’re going to list the 10 best internet providers in Toronto.

You’ll discover a number of different cable and DSL internet service providers in Toronto. Many ISPs now propose sensational high-speed net plans without signing a contract at unbeatable costs, this means that you can save plenty of dollars on your monthly net bill.

The following is what you should look for when picking the best internet provider

Look for different types of internet plans on offer.
Compare cable and DSL internet plans by looking at the price, data usage, upload and download speed.
Find out whether you need to sign a contract.
You also need to know that the most expensive internet plan doesn’t always mean it’s the best.

Different Types of Internet
Toronto residents can get connected in several different modes including cable internet (broadband), satellite internet, DSL (digital subscriber line) and fiber optics.

DSL operates over phone lines and are more efficient than dial-up connections, you can get a download speed of up to 25mbps.

You can also get high-speed internet from cable TV providers. This mode of connection is faster than DSL but it is shared with all the other connections in your neighborhood.
Satellite internet uses receiver satellites. This type of connection is ideal for remote places but it’s more expensive and slow.

Fiber optic internet uses optical networks and it offers the best speeds.

Top 10 ISPs in Toronto

Altima Telecom
This ISPs lowest internet plan starts at $29.99. You can choose one of the many unlimited internet plans on offer with a top download speed of 1000 mbps. Toronto residents can enjoy a wide range of unlimited internet plans from Altima Telecom.

GTA Telecom
This ISP provides high-speed internet and has several unlimited plans with the lowest going for $29.95. The highest download speed you can get from GTA Telcom 150 mbps. This ISP offers 7 internet plans for Toronto residents.

You can subscribe to Coextro’s high-speed internet for as low as $39.00. They have 4 unlimited internet plans for Toronto residents with the highest download speed clocking 500mbps.

The lowest internet plan by Beanfield starts at $50. This ISP has 9 unlimited internet plans for Toronto residents with the highest download speed clocking 1000mbps.

One of the largest alternative telecoms in Canada, Primus offers a variety of wireless services in addition to a handful of DSL packages. This service is great for heavy users, as unlimited Internet packages start from $39.95 a month.

This ISPs internet plans start at $69. Rogers has 8 unlimited internet plans with the highest download speed clocking 1000mbps. Toronto residents can enjoy 10 internet plans from Rogers.

Bell’s internet plans start at $69.95. You will get 3 unlimited internet plans from Bell with the highest download speed of 300mbps. Toronto residents can get 8 internet plans from Bell.

Virgin Mobile Home Internet
The lowest internet plan starts at $50. This ISP has only 1 unlimited internet plan the highest download speed of 25mbps. Virgin Mobile has two internet plans for Toronto residents.

With this ISP, you get speeds of up to 25Mbps for 500GB of bandwidth for $34.95 a month.

Fido Home Internet
The lowest internet plan by this ISP starts at $50. You will get 2 unlimited internet plans from Fido with the highest download speed of 60mbps. Fido has 3 internet plans for Toronto.

Comparing the Best High-Speed Packages
Do not settle for the first internet company you come across. It’s better to compare by doing some research on the different available options.

Do you have to purchase or rent the router or modem?
Most ISPs will offer you a router and a modem on a lease and this greatly cuts the cost of your internet plan. You should rent a modem or router if you plan to use the internet for a short period. If you are using the internet for a long time, it’s better to buy the equipment.

Contract Length
Most ISPs do not offer contracts but if the ISP wants you to sign a contract to show the duration of your subscription, you should carefully go through the contract to avoid acquiring high termination fees.

Compare Upload and Download Speeds
If you’re a heavy user i.e. streaming videos and downloading large files, then you should choose a high-speed unlimited internet plan. However, if you need the internet for occasional or light browsing, paying more money for high speeds is not the best decision.

Remember these factors when selecting an internet plan:
The price offered – your preferred internet plan should be affordable. You have plenty of options to pick from in Toronto. Settle for the one that gives you best value for your money.
Data usage limit – the best internet plan is the one that offers unlimited internet access. This is good especially for those who want a 24/7 connection.
Download and upload speed – compare the Toronto ISPs to find the one with the best speeds.

How much Data do you need?
Identifying how much internet you use helps determine the download and upload speed you need. With fast download speeds, you get faster downloads, audio, and video streaming as well as faster web browsing. For most people, 50 GB per month is enough for moderate browsing.

The internet is a necessity so it’s best to go for an unlimited internet plan. Unlimited internet is ideal for heavy internet users who don’t want to pay more for overage charges. Liken the different internet offerings in Toronto to find the one that meets your requirements.