Student Internet

Toronto has plenty of Internet Service Providers and it can get overwhelming trying to pick the best one for your student house connection.

Before you sign up for anything, it is important to know what you’re getting into and at what cost. Every dollar counts for students who need internet at home. At GTA Telecom, we offer reliable and fast student internet in Toronto that meets the needs of all of your roommates even when they are connected at the same time.

There are other ISPs in Toronto offering student internet plans but most of them get congested in the evenings and this slows your speeds, this means that you will end paying for more speed than you’re getting. We filter out your neighbors’ internet to give you the speeds that you’re paying for. You can believe us when we say that we will not let you down even when you’re writing a timed essay.

We will give you:

A reliable connection – you will never worry about your internet signals, just worry about getting your answers right.
High download speeds – we give you fast speeds to stream educational videos, lecturers and play background music even when studying.
High upload speeds – our speeds are reliable for taking online tests, participating in forums or lecturers and submitting your work to your school’s portal.
Enough bandwidth – you get enough bandwidth to stream, play games online and study at home.