How to Know Your IP Address

You may be asking, why should I know my IP address? One important reason is to help your ISP when troubleshooting your connection or for helping your web hosting company fix your email problems. Having your IP address makes troubleshooting easier and faster.

There are many tools you can use to know your internet protocol address. This is the full address of your computer, router or any other device that uses the internet.

IP addresses are unique and can be used to find and track your device. It can even track a person who has sent an online message or performed a risky activity on the web. IP addresses have been used to track criminal suspects by the law enforcement. Skilled hackers use dynamically assigned IP addresses and other IP hiding tricks to make tracking impossible.

Knowing your IP address is easy, just type in “know my IP address” or “my IP address” on Google search tool.

Other free tools give more information such as hostname and country.