Fiber Internet

Would you like to watch your favorite TV show later? Do you have a bustling timetable and you're anxious you'll pass up on an important match when it airs? We offer unlimited and fast web access so you never need to worry about missing your favorite game or program.

With our fast internet service, you will be able to watch your favored game or films at any time you need. Stream your most loved shows using our unlimited, quick internet and watch it at your most convenient time.

We offer extremely fast internet with unlimited downloading in Toronto. Prepare to start enjoying your favorite movies without any interferences. Want to host your friends or relatives for a breathtaking game? We'll get it going with our fast and unlimited fiber internet.

With GTA Telecom’s Toronto fiber internet, you never stress over slow download speeds or surpassing your allotted limit. We offer a home internet fiber connection that is genuinely unlimited.
What's in store From GTA Telecom’s Home Internet Service?

No hidden charges or agreements
Flexibility on how you need to use your unlimited fiber internet
Unlimited downloads
Super-fast web access
Adaptable Internet Packages

We guarantee that you have total control over how you use your internet. Regardless of whether you are a light user who watches movies once in a while at home or you need fast and unlimited internet to work from home, we have the package that works for you.

Our fiber internet connection enables you to work remotely, make voice and video calls with people from everywhere throughout the world. On the off-chance that you ever need to download large documents or information over the web, our fast internet will keep you going. Despite how you need to use the internet, we have the right bundles for different internet users.

With our unlimited fiber internet package, you can:

Stream music and movies throughout the day
Download large image files at high speeds
Participate in a video conferencing meetings
Play games on the web plus so much more

Do not subject yourself to high internet costs when you stream movies or music at home. At GTA Telecom, we make it easy for you to enjoy unlimited internet without download caps.

We guarantee you don't need to stick around for a long time for a document to transfer or high-definition photographs to download. With our home network access, you'll have an awesome experience each time you access the web.

Connect with GTA Telecom to have fast and unlimited internet in Toronto.