Best Home Internet Service Providers in Nunavut

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After some internet service providers in Nunavut decided to raise the cost of home internet, we embarked on a mission. Our mission would help us come up with a compilation of the best home internet plans in Nunavut. Our list includes the big telcos and last mile providers.

The information that we have for you has not been auto-generated, we have manually collected this data from the websites and official social media accounts of all the providers.

Our list includes broadband internet offering limited and unlimited internet plans to make it easy for you to make the right decision when searching for the right internet plan for your home.

Many households prefer the unlimited internet to meet the needs of streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu etc. Homes that use capped internet find it hard to enjoy these services as they are data intensive. Alternatively, there are those people who are comfortable with a limited internet connection because they do not stream or download that much.

Our list features the prices charged however, the providers can update these charges and it might not be reflected on our table. You shouldn’t be worried because we are working hard to keep this list updated.

We also have the technology used because this is important for those who are planning to change ISPs. For example, if you are on the Bell network, it would be a good idea to stick to fiber to avoid installation charges. Conversely, if you are subscribed to Rogers, you should look at ISPs that will connect you using cable to avoid extra installation charges.

We do not put up promotional prices to avoid misleading our readers. We understand that Nunavut residents like their pricing in full and that’s what we have for you.


Internet Service Providers

Company Name Download/Upload Data Cap Monthly Price
Altima Telecom 10/1Mbps Unlimited


GTA Telecom 10/1Mbps Unlimited $29.95
Distributel 10/1Mbps 250 GB $35.00
Rogers 5/1Mbps 25 GB $36.99
Vmedia 15/1Mbps Unlimited


Primus 5/1Mbps Unlimited $39.95
Start 30/1Mbps Unlimited $50.00
Fido 30/1Mbps Unlimited $50.00
Videotron 5/1Mbps 25 GB


Bell 50/1Mbps Unlimited $89.90