6 Tips to Fix Your Wi-Fi Problems

If you’re constantly experiencing slow speeds, the problem could be right in your home, not the ISP. Follow these tips and you will give your Wi-Fi a boost in performance.

Turn Your Router Off and On Again

When you notice a deep in performance, check the back of your router for an on and off button – turn it off and on again. If your router doesn’t have this button, use the wall switch instead, wait for about 10 seconds and plug it back in.

Disconnect all your Wi-Fi Devices

Disconnect all the devices that are not in use to prevent background data usage.

Keep your Wi-Fi Secure

You should always keep your Wi-Fi secure even when you’re not experiencing internet speed issues. If you notice slow download speeds, it could be an unauthorized user is using your Wi-Fi. Improve your Wi-Fi security by:

Changing your password regularly. Use the best password practices such as combining upper case letters, special characters, numbers, punctuation and lower case letters.
Change the SSID (Wi-Fi name) to something that is more unique.
Use the WPA2 encryption level, this is the most secure.

Move Your Router

The further your devices are, the weaker the signal. Install the router at a place where people will get the best signal, like the living room. If you have to use the Wi-Fi in a different room, install an extender or repeater to boost the signals.

Check interference levels

Do not place your router near electronics such as baby monitors, microwaves, and cordless phones because they interfere with your signals.

If you experience poor Wi-Fi performance due to interference, change the broadcast channel of your Wi-Fi in your router’s settings.

Change your ISP

If you make all the above-stated changes and your Wi-Fi still sucks, consider changing internet providers.