5 Tips to Improve Your Broadband Speeds

You have made the switch to a faster Canadian ISP, but your internet is still slow. This is a common problem with many internet users in Canada but it can be fixed by using these simple tips:

Step 1

Use an internet speed tools like speedtest.net to see what your current download and upload speeds.

Step 2

Restart or reset your router. Check the back of your router and check for a reset button or an on and off switch. If you choose to restart the router, turn it off and wait 10 seconds before turning it back on again. Once you’re back online, wait a few minutes and check the internet speed.

Is there any improvement?

Yes? Okay, it’s all good!


On to the next step…

Step 3

Use another device to check the speeds. Run the speed test at the exact spot so everything is almost the same and note the results.

Any improvements?

Yes? Then you should already be thinking of a device upgrade because the problem is your device.

No, still slow speeds? Ok, let’s move on….

Step 4

Plug in your device using an Ethernet cable straight to the router and run another test.

Any speed improvements?

Yes, the issue seems to be with the Wi-Fi connection. Check our tips for improving your Wi-Fi speeds.

No? The problem is your router or broadband plan itself.

Step 5

If you have taken all these steps and still no improvement, then we suggest you switch your Canadian internet service provider.