• Fiber Internet vs. Cable vs. DSL

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    Canada has a lot of internet service providers and you will find it hard to pick the right one. When looking for the best Canadian ISP, you need to know the differences between fiber, DSL, and cable – the fastest and the most reliable.

    This guide will help you make an informed decision.


    DSL is short for Digital Subscriber Line and is a technology that uses copper lines to deliver fast internet access.

    You will find DSL in both rural and urban areas but the further you are from the main line, the weaker the signal will be and therefore, you will get slower speeds.

    Maximum speeds you can get from a DSL connection is 6Mbps download and 640Kbps upload. This type of connection is ideal for light internet users.

    Cable Internet

  • Maximum Security Services

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    This service allows you to protect your computers, personal information, and data with less effort. Our maximum security services include:

    Antivirus Protection
    • Protect your computers from worms, viruses, and Trojans.
    • Scan all content for potential threats.

    • Scan, detect and delete all spyware programs in your computer.

    Active Virus Control
    • Protect your computer and online devices against new and fast-spreading threats.
    • Detect and quarantine hard to remove threats.

    Rescue Mode
    • Allow your computer to be rebooted in a safe environment for better cleaning and restoration.

    USB Immunizer
    • Secure USB drives and other removable devices by disabling the Windows Autorun feature that is often hacked to infect computers.