• How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal

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    The easiest way to get a better Wi-Fi signal is to change the broadcast channel of your Wi-Fi. Here’s how to change the channel of your Wi-Fi:

    On Windows PC: click the “start button” and navigate to “accessories” and launch “command prompt”. On the CMD window, type “netsh wlan show networks bssid”. A list of wireless networks will be displayed on the command prompt window. Check for the channels that are far away from the ones in use or the one with the best signal.

    On a Mac: click on the Apple logo and navigate to System report, Network and then select Wi-Fi. A breakdown of nearby channels will be displayed. Identify the recommended channel. Check the back of your router for information on how to get to the settings. This should be a web address, a username, and a password.

  • 6 Tips to Fix Your Wi-Fi Problems

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    If you’re constantly experiencing slow speeds, the problem could be right in your home, not the ISP. Follow these tips and you will give your Wi-Fi a boost in performance.

    Turn Your Router Off and On Again

    When you notice a deep in performance, check the back of your router for an on and off button – turn it off and on again. If your router doesn’t have this button, use the wall switch instead, wait for about 10 seconds and plug it back in.

    Disconnect all your Wi-Fi Devices

    Disconnect all the devices that are not in use to prevent background data usage.

    Keep your Wi-Fi Secure

  • 5 Tips to Improve Your Broadband Speeds

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    You have made the switch to a faster Canadian ISP, but your internet is still slow. This is a common problem with many internet users in Canada but it can be fixed by using these simple tips:

    Step 1

    Use an internet speed tools like speedtest.net to see what your current download and upload speeds.

    Step 2

    Restart or reset your router. Check the back of your router and check for a reset button or an on and off switch. If you choose to restart the router, turn it off and wait 10 seconds before turning it back on again. Once you’re back online, wait a few minutes and check the internet speed.

    Is there any improvement?

    Yes? Okay, it’s all good!


    On to the next step…

    Step 3

  • What is Dry Loop?

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    A dry loop, also known as a Naked DSL is a phone that does not run an active telephone service. This type of line is devoid of a dial tone and its main function is delivering high-speed internet.

    This line allows the user to dispense with the common phone service and use the broadband internet to get a Voice Over IP phone line (VoIP). A dry loop is required when:

    • You don’t have an active analog phone service.
    • You use VoIP phone service.
    • You use phone service that is provided by a cable carrier (such services make use of your cable lines instead of your phone lines to offer this service.

    Dry loop and Wet loop have zero differences in terms of quality of service or speed. It’s just a way to bring the signal to your home.

  • How to Know Your IP Address

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    You may be asking, why should I know my IP address? One important reason is to help your ISP when troubleshooting your connection or for helping your web hosting company fix your email problems. Having your IP address makes troubleshooting easier and faster.

    There are many tools you can use to know your internet protocol address. This is the full address of your computer, router or any other device that uses the internet.

    IP addresses are unique and can be used to find and track your device. It can even track a person who has sent an online message or performed a risky activity on the web. IP addresses have been used to track criminal suspects by the law enforcement. Skilled hackers use dynamically assigned IP addresses and other IP hiding tricks to make tracking impossible.

  • All You Need to Know About Broadband

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    How fast is your internet? Does your internet speed fulfill your internet plans?

    The term broadband typically means fast internet. Any speeds that are more than 5Mbps are considered broadband speeds.

    Canadian residents want fast and reliable internet speeds, any ISP that offers slow and unstable internet will not last long here.

    Your internet connection should meet all your browsing needs, whether it’s watching movies or streaming TV shows, chatting or downloading, whatever you want your connection to do, should be done fast with blazing speeds.

    The question is, how fast should your broadband connection be?

    Here at internet providers Canada, we only promote the best broadband connections.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    How will I get the connection into my house?

    GTA Telecom will connect you if Bell lines are available in your area. Even if the lines are not hooked up to your house, you will be connected ASAP. It’s good to note that you should install a modem if you are bundling the internet service with your TV and Phone services. Talk to GTA Telecom to get the best location to install your modem to avoid extra costs of installation. They will also give you a free rental modem.

    Is the location of the modem important?

    Absolutely, if you are planning to bundle your internet service with TV and phone services, you need to know that each device will need an internet connection.

  • What Speed Do I Need?

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    Most people go for the highest speeds when choosing an internet plan. Is this the best move? Certainly not.

    Fact is, every internet user wants faster internet speeds. The fiber connection packages are the most expensive, but they offer internet speeds of over 100Mbps.

    You can compare such users with someone who picks a yearly golf club membership at a premium rate but only goes golfing once and then decides to quit. So, why pay for something that you won’t use to the fullest?

    You can get an internet connection to your home through DSL, Cable, ADSL, and Fiber.

    Fiber is the Best

    You should consider the speed that you need before you settle on a provider or a package. With this in mind, here’s what a fiber connection can do for you:

  • Can I Still Use My Old Modem?

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    Many internet service providers in Canada will give you a free rental modem when you sign up. In some unique cases, you can use your old modem if it can work with their technology. For example:

    • If you want to use your old modem to connect to cable internet, it must be a DOCSIS-3 compatible modem.
    • For DSL connection, you will need a DSL or ADSL modem.
    • If you have purchased an FTTN plan from 7-15Mbps, you will need an ADSL modem. For a higher bandwidth plan (25-50Mbps) you will need a VDSL modem.

    Many ISPs will not recommend you to use an old modem because it’s not one of their own and it might cause complications during troubleshooting. But if you’re a techie, then you’re good to go.

    Benefits of using your old Modem or Router

  • How Much Are You Paying for Your Internet Connection

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    The demand for internet to the home in Canada continues to grow thanks to the many internet service providers in Canada offering various packages. One thing you will identify is that residential internet in Canada costs more than in many other countries.


    The main reason is the size of Canada. Internet providers in Canada spend a lot to support the networks that work in far apart locations, and this cost is spread to the end users across the country.

    Another reason is the big internet providers use their internet customers to recoup dipping revenues from their TV offerings, as many users ditch traditional to cable TV and streaming services.

    However, some companies charge more than others.